I paint large paintings and I believe that art can bring us together and give meaning to our story. I love the power of the written word combined with a picture or a raw painting.

My own personal development goes hand in hand with the way my art evolves. Is it the same for you?

I paint because I enjoy the process of how a painting takes its form, with contrast and color. I paint for myself and for those who search for connection and a deeper meaning. I want to give something back and through art, and I have found my way.

I like to paint with large strokes and therefore prefer the larger canvas so that I can spread out and take place.

My dream is to paint full time. Last year was the first steps to do so as part time entrepreneur and artist.




  • Sept 2018: Konstrundan Västra Hisingen - Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Aug 2018: Solo Exhibition Galleri Lillhammar - Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Aug 2018: Konstvågen - Hönö, Sweden

  • Jun 2018: Samlingsutställning Galleri Lillhammar - Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Jun 2018: Sockermajas - Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Jun 2018: Pop-up gallery - Smögen, Sweden

  • Mar 2018: Astra Zeneca - Mölndal, Sweden

  • Mar 2018: Kollektivet Hvitan - Stockholm, Sweden

  • Dec 2017: Jul i Kvarnbyn - Mölndal, Sweden

  • Oct 2017: FAT Market - Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Sept 2017: Konstrundan Västra Hisingen - Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Sept 2017: Backa EAT - Gothenburg, Sweden

  • July 2017: Musselbaren Kleven - Smögen, Sweden

  • June 2017: Pop-up Gallery Klippan 1 - Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • May 2017: Open Barn Design market - Varberg, Sweden

  • April 2017: Designmarknad VÅR - Jönköping, Sweden

  • April 2017: Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa Gallery - Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Sept 2016: Konstrundan Västra Hisingen - Gothenburg, Sweden