To believe in yourself and your idea

Something has transformed in me. It’s merely a small part of my mindset, but still. It all started when a friend pitched my paintings for another friend, in my presence. A compliment for sure. I humbly replied to questions about how and what I paint. But once we got into prices and sizes, I immediately became insecure in my work. Within seconds I reduced my passion and undemanding way of painting, to quietly whispering that I just doodle from time to time.
I was taken by this episode, and I understood that I needed to make a few changes.

I could see the chain of thoughts; how I initially let myself get inspired by others, let them lead the way and safely followed them. After that I found my own expression, with a pleasant feeling of being on to something. I was still inside my own bubble where no one put any judgment of what I was doing with my spare time. I did not admit to myself or others that any of the paintings were for sale. With time I increased the pace of my painting, and put more pictures up on the website. I slowly got used to the idea and put focus on pricing, naming and more preparations…
What was lacking was the confidence and the obvious thought that this was what I do now. That day in Marstrand I felt embarrassed and it confirmed that I did not take myself seriously. 

I was worried that I wouldn’t be perceived as professional. Not genuine. That became a turning point and I had it. So I created business cards to show myself that I did have gravitas. It was time.

There is something about entrepreneurs that so many of us are attracted to. We want to be that fly on the wall and see all about their planning and new ideas. We want to connect with and watch their journey. Follow them to find out more about how they evolve, and what’s going on behind the scenes.

Are they so inspiring because they do what we feel such resistance to?  That we ourselves wouldn’t dare to do?
Or simply because they seem free?

Free from the ever so suppressing ‘well-I-shouldn’t’, or from being controlled by other person’s rules and guidelines. They have thrown away the Jante-cape and enter their projects with such certainty. This is what they are meant to do. It’s like the subsistence and the results have been written in the books a hundred years ago already. Their work is appealing, maybe since there are so many of us that have our own issues letting go of the comfort blanket and the security we believe we have to keep getting.             

My friend dared to do it, and she did it. She believed in herself and her idea and last week she opened the doors to a new shop, and the customers are arriving in a steady stream. She is an absolute inspiration, and even though I can only see it from the sidelines, her work has such a clear and steady flow. It’s like she was meant to be there all along.

This is what I think happens when you have an incredible personal engagement and brand. It attracts those who dig the person behind, that are amazed by the passion and who want to come along for the ride.

So bring the whole you to the table. As a person, as an entrepreneur and as a friend. When you show up with your whole you in everything you do, your best work, your best relations and your success will be there waiting.
You (meaning: I) should maybe gently get started now. You weren’t probably ready before.
I wasn’t ready before.