Building a brand

So, this is a subject that I have given a lot of thought, over a long period of time. My thoughts around creating a brand have gone hand in hand with developing as an artist. Again, with the purpose of taking myself seriously and trying to do it in a proper way. I seem to come back to that feeling, to be serious... 

My aim is that it shall be visible that there is a part of me in the painting, as well as on the website and in what I share on social media. I also want that feeling to come across in the personal connections I make. A common thread all the way through. 

Malin Årsbog Art is therefore the brand I use for my work as an artist. I have deliberately tried to separate it slightly from myself, but still wish to keep the connection visible. Over time I also want to combine this with more things. 

The reason for my many thoughts on this was when I wanted to share something on for example Facebook. Would I share from my personal profile and try to keep that strictly for my art? That would work as long as I work only with one service or product. Would I then create a new profile or page for my next business idea? And what relationship should I have with my personal page? Maybe drop it?
Perhaps it’s easiest to just give up the control freaky side and just blend it all together. Blend-what-you-do-with-who-you-are…

I’m not yet sure about anything, but what I have gathered so far is that it’s just a matter of preferences. Nothing is more right, and it’s easy to try it out and see what works. Do it in one way now, knowing that it probably will change over time. Ok then. 

It’s all well and good to meditate on this for a while. Because... I just heard the wonderful sentence; a good brand mixes who you are (the person behind) with what you do (your delivery). Nothing to discuss there if you ask me. But what to do when you have multiple brands? Perhaps you want to create multiple tracks in your business. Is there a risk of limiting yourself, or worse, become too shattered and lose the clarity? 

Let’s say you want to start a business where your own personal brand is visible and you want to combine it with one or more of your services or products. Do your want to name the company after the largest brand, or is it better to go with your own name for the long perspective? Or a completely separate company name? Perhaps you don’t want to be limited with just one product or service, but still be clear in the name of your company. Hey, I might want to start a corporate group!

Well, these are things a think about from time to time. Lots of questions, only a few answers. 

To me this is not a one-time only, and I don’t want to pretend I will not change over time, because I hopefully will. Both in terms of the personal development, and also in what I’m interested in working with or creating. So, I will come back to this question for my part. In two weeks, a couple of months and again and again. 

When it’s time to build something new so to say.